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We are pleased to offer 4 different monthly packages so you can find a solution that fits your business. As a preferred vendor you will receive and exclusive spot on our website, in addition to many other marketing and promotional services.  If you are interested or have more questions click the link below to apply and our team will be in touch! Complete package details can be found on the application page.

Why be a preferred vendor?


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Our basic partnership package is designed to provide small businesses with a platform to increase brand visibility, engage with our audience, and support their initiative.  Apply now to learn more about how our Silver partnership package can help your business thrive.

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Our second level of partnership offers enhanced benefits and opportunities for small businesses looking to increase their brand visibility and awareness. This level includes everything in our basic package in addition to a comprehensive suite of benefits to elevate their brand visibility, engagement, and impact within our community. Apply now to discuss how this partnership tier can be help you meet your goals!

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Introducing our exclusive Platinum partnership package tailored for small businesses ready to elevate their brand presence and engage with our audience like never before. With our comprehensive partnership package, you'll enjoy a range of benefits designed to maximize your brand exposure, drive engagement, and have even more opportunities to be elevated to the next level. Apply now and reinforce your brand's messaging and identity.

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The Pink Cadillac of Partnerships is HERE! 

This TOP tier package has all the bells & whistles of the first 3 and everything yo mama could throw at you except the kitchen sink. 

If you’re reading this and wondering if this is for you…yes. The answer is yes. This is FOR YOU! 

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